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We are Veterans that strive to help other Veterans and children in need. Bound by a love of country and family, we search for ways to give back through inspiration by making a positive , lasting impression on our communities. We at TEAM ADDO are on a mission to Inspire others.

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Tampa Bay Veterans Closet

On a mission to suit those who have served.

This is why TEAM ADDO started the initiative of the Veterans Closet first in Tampa Bay. A way to say thank you to all who have served willingly and selflessly. Teaming up with The Men's Warehouse, TEAM ADDO has been able to outfit veterans with a full ensemble (a full suit, shirt, tie, belt and shoes). We are able to customize the female Veterans suit at numerous locations. This is only one phase on the step towards a successful transition. Once the suit is in hand, Tampa Image Factory has graciously donated head shots for LinkedIn profiles at no cost. Our other partner Whiting-Turner Tampa has stepped up to offer mock interview lessons and resume reviews. Finally TEAM ADDO distributes the Veterans resume throughout a vast network in the Tampa Bay area to help ensure a successful transition.



I was recently fortunate enough to be part of the TEAM ADDO charity. I'm a 20 year Navy SEAL coming up on retirement and with all the stressors that come along with retirement such as selling a house, moving, and most importantly finding a new job they were able to fit me with much needed suits to help me have the confidence that I'm dressed for success in today's world.

I can't say enough about the courtesy and prowess that was provided by the Men's Wearhouse staff. They exceeded my expectations and I can't say enough about how well they treated me. Not only did they help me find the suits that best fit me, but they also explained why and how I should dress for certain occasions.

Thank you for all you do!!


Working with the team at Tampa Bay's veteran closet has been amazing! They were exceptional at coordinating and providing me with all the information I needed. From fitting the suit to photographs the whole process was just painless. I also want to give a shout out to the guys at the Men’s Warehouse, they were a huge help and not knowing anything about that style it really helped to have them to guide me through all the information one would need to know. They even taught me how to pack it into a suitcase, plus you get their iron free at any Men’s Warehouse around the country.

If you need me for anything else guys just let me know! thanks again.

Nicholas J. Caris

I feel blessed to be a part of TEAM ADDO's Tampa Bay Veterans Closet initiative! This came at a perfect time for me as my most recent position was eliminated. As I face transition right now I have more confidence thanks to a brand new suit and accessories, just in time to start interviewing with companies. What TEAM ADDO is doing for Veterans is amazing! Everyone I talked to was kind, professional, and happy to be helping Veterans. Thank you!

Pete Blum

In September of 2014, I left active duty and transferred into the Army reserves. I was ready and willing to start my transition into the civilian world. My first order of business was using my GI bill and starting college at the University of South Florida. Fast forward a few years and numerous classes under my belt, I am now a senior about to graduate. Like most service members, I was prepared for anything transitioning into the civilian world. However, as gradation neared, there was one thing I wasn’t so prepared for. Typically, one’s goal after college is to enter the professional job sector in their field of interest. Up until this point I had everything under control to be competitive in the job market. It wasn’t until I received a call to schedule an interview about a professional internship that I applied for. First thing that popped in my mind, what would I wear? One thing service members do not have to worry about when they wake up in the morning is what to wear. However, in the civilian world you do. The closest thing I had to professional attire was my Army Service Uniform. And that wasn’t happening. Not to mention, I am not the most stylish person around. This is where TEAM ADDO and The Tampa Bay Veterans Closet came to the rescue. With just one phone call I was scheduled to have a suit fitting at Men’s Warehouse. The fitting took no time at all and before I knew it I had fitted suits, shoes, shirts, ties and a belt. The process was effortless. As a result, I was looking top notch in my interview. And thankfully, I got the internship that led me to the job I currently have. The Tampa Bay Veterans Closet was a blessing in a time of need and I can’t thank them enough!